samedi 09:00–19:30

Release of a self-hosted PHP/JS commenting system

ale rimoldi

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Static websites are nowadays very popular, but there are is no free commenting system that is simple to install on any shared hosting and can simply be "attached" at the bottom of your pages. Come and help us improve this PHP/javascript application and possibly release the version 1.0!


During the last few months I've been creating a light weight self-hosted comment system in PHP. It has a PHP and a Javascript interface. The goal is to create a service that allows to add commenting to static websites without having to rely on proprietary services. The current code can be found here: I'll be working on it during most of the day: just drop by and contribute! At the end of this Hackhaton, I'd like to release the version 1.0. Useful skills: - PHP programming - JS programming - CSS / HTML / Mustache themes - PHP code review - JS code review - Security review - Writing the documentation - Writing a press release - Playing around with the software - Unit testing - Coordinating the release