samedi 09:00–19:30

Release of a self-hosted deployment PHP script that can pull from Github

ale rimoldi

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Static websites are nowadays very popular, but there are few tor no free tools that let you pull your latest file from a Git repository and published them on a cheap, PHP based, shared hosting. With your help, we will be releasing a simple script that has been in the working for some time now...


During the last year, I've been working intermittently on a light weight self-hosted deployment script in PHP. The goal is to create a service listening to the Github webhooks and keeping the files in sync between a website and the corresponding Git repository. The files are pulled through http (curl) so there is no need to have Git on the web server. The current code can be found here: I'll be working on it during most of the day: just drop by and contribute! At the end of this "Hackathon", I'd like to release the version 1.0. Useful skills: - PHP programming - PHP code review - Implement for other services than Github - Security review - Finding a name - Writing the documentation - Writing a press release - Playing around with the software - Coordinating/planning the release